• Bikes

    A tender moment amongst the chaos of modern-day China. Daily commuters wait at a crossing in the northern city of Zhengzhou.

  • Diving Boards Zurich

    Out of session. Deserted diving platforms on Lake Zurich, locked up for the winter.

  • Telc May 2017 (b).jpg
  • Basel

    Harmony and order. Old merchant houses around Munsterplatz in Basel, Switzerland.

  • Macau
  • tamaro

    The sublime Chapel of Santa Maria Degli Angeli by the Swiss architect, Mario Botta.

  • Zurich

    The new sculptural addition to the Landesmuseum in Zurich by the Basel based architecture firm, Gustav & Gantenbein. This bold design brings new life to the Landesmuseum.

  • Berlin Nightlife

    Berlin's old and new. Reconstruction of the past.

  • Zengzhou Ghost City

    Supersized development in China. Large scale, top-down. A ghost city or a case of build and they will come?

  • Zhengzhou Night

    Nighttime descends on the rapidly growing Chinese city of Zhengzhou.

  • Chongqing  Blue Hour

    Chongqing Blue Hour.

  • Chongqing Night

    Melancholic twilight in Chongqing. Pollution, new infrastructure and rapid urbanisation; three of the big themes in China. What is fascinating about the transformations taking place in China is the sheer scale of them. To just pick one, since 1978, China has experienced the biggest wave of urban migration in history. Just over three decades ago, only 18% of the population, or 172 million people lived in cities. This had grown to 749 million in 2014, a staggering increase of 577 million people. Many of these new migrants, however, have not been fully integrated into the fabric of urban life.

  • Zhengzhou Wall

    A monochromatic day in the rapidly growing Chinese city of Zhengzhou. In the foreground is the old city wall, dating back to the Shang Dynasty (1600 - 1046 BCE). Zhengzhou, located on the southern bank of the Yellow River, is one of the most polluted cities in China. A very old structure and a very modern problem.

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