• Bikes

    A tender moment amongst the chaos of modern-day China. Daily commuters wait at a crossing in the northern city of Zhengzhou.

  • Diving Boards 7 Sept 2018.jpg

    Out of Season. Deserted diving boards locked up for the winter.

  • Basel

    Harmony and order. Old merchant houses around Munsterplatz in Basel, Switzerland.

  • Telc, Czech Republic

    Calmness and harmony. Renaissance houses, Telc, Czech Republic.

  • Berlin Nightlife

    Berlin's old and new. Reconstruction of the past.

  • Stacked Mercedes Benz.jpg
  • Munich April 2017 - Modern Art Museum.jpg
  • Zurich

    The new sculptural addition to the Landesmuseum in Zurich by the Basel based architecture firm, Gustav & Gantenbein. This bold design brings new life to the Landesmuseum.

  • Zhengzhou Night

    Nighttime descends on the rapidly growing Chinese city of Zhengzhou.

  • Zhengzhou Wall

    A monochromatic day in the rapidly growing Chinese city of Zhengzhou. In the foreground is the old city wall, dating back to the Shang Dynasty (1600 - 1046 BCE). Zhengzhou, located on the southern bank of the Yellow River, is one of the most polluted cities in China. A very old structure and a very modern problem.